10 Productive Things To Do While You Are In Lock Down And/Or Self Isolating

10 Productive Things To Do While You Are In Lock Down And/Or Self Isolating
  1. For your mental health – talk to others on the phone, Skype and Zoom. I had pre-dinner drinks with friends on Zoom this weekend!
  2. For your physical health – join an online Pilates class with me, Jane Haddow (jane@happybeing.co.uk) or yoga. It’s a great way to connect up with others and have some fun too.  If you would like to take part in online yoga we suggest contacting:
    Louise Nimmo
    E-mail address: nimmoyoga@gmail.com
    Facebook page: @louisenimmoyoga
    Website: louisenimmo.wordpress.com
  3. Get some housework done, clean the windows, gardening (if you are lucky enough to have one), DIY, all good to keep you fit. Although a word of warning, take it slow and safely as you work.  There are probably going to be many weeks of this so there is no need to do everything (whatever it is) all in one day!
  4. Start a new hobby that maybe you’ve always been meaning to do it but just never had the time – learn a language, drawing, sewing, genealogy.
  5. Spring Clean! Tidy, Tidy.  Arrange things to make it easier for you when you get back to work. Sort through clothing (keep/charity shop/ recycle bin), sort through kitchen cupboards and organise them and finally that cupboard or room that everyone has that when you open it everything falls out!
  6. If you are self-employed do your Tax Return for 2019-2020 🙁
  7. We need to keep abreast of what’s happening but why not have a digital detox day – it’s important for our physical and mental health. Try turning off the phone, laptop, TV. Sit, relax and breathe, meditate, eat, mindful walking (if not self-isolating).
  8. Take time to cook a meal and enjoy it yourself or with the people or family members you are living with and talk to each other without distractions.
  9. Keep fit mentally with puzzles, crosswords, online quizzes, board games etc.
  10. Watch Netflix but not on your digital detox day!

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