10 Reasons Why Pilates Helps You To Become A Happy Being

10 Reasons Why Pilates Helps You To Become A Happy Being

1. Posture

Pilates will get you standing tall, looking younger (no more Quasimodo look) and breathing properly.

2. Shoulders

Pilates can help to end those shoulder problems such as Rotator Cuff Impingement, Frozen Shoulder and Shoulder Instability. Some muscles in our upper back and shoulders get lazy, others very tight. Pilates strengthens the lazy ones and releases the tight ones. Your shoulders will love it!

3. Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot Mobility

Pilates works with the ligaments, tendons and muscles around these joints keeping them mobile, building strength and in turn leading to better balance and function in these 4 areas. Whatever your level of mobility and age Pilates can help here.

4. Lower Back Pain

Would you like to heal an achy, stiff lower back particularly felt in the mornings when getting out of bed? Pilates will help realign the 5 lumbar vertebra and get those postural core muscles switching on.

5. Sciatic Pain

A trapped sciatic nerve can give you lots of discomfort around the hip, pelvis and back of the upper leg. At worst you will feel pain running down into your lower leg. Specific Pilates moves will release the muscles around the lower back, pelvis and hip allowing the sciatic nerve to run freely.

6. Pain In The Neck

Can’t turn your neck? Slow flowing Pilates movements can release tight muscles and vertebrae that are out of alignment in this area.

7. Tone up!

Everyone wants to have those abs toned. That’s only natural and you’ve guessed it, Pilates will help.

8. Building Strength

Pilates can help to build strength to protect against the onset of Osteoporosis and relieve the symptoms of Osteoarthritis. Regular Pilates classes help keep bones healthy. As we get older our bone density naturally reduces. Using, for example, light weights in a Pilates class will help strengthen and prevent bones from deteriorating further. Pilates exercises build up muscle and strengthen the joints.

9. Sprains And Strains

Pilates can help you to recover from a ligament sprain or muscle strain. At the right time, Pilates will build up strength and flexibility again in the area that’s been injured.

10. Feeling Good (Mind+Body In Balance)

After participating in a Pilates class where you focus on the mind, breath and body you will come away feeling good. Come and try an online Pilates class now at Happy Being.


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