6 ways to avoid workout burnout

6 ways to avoid workout burnout

You might be pushing too hard. You might be expecting too much. Or you might just be bored out of your mind. Whatever the reason, mental and physical burnout is rapidly becoming a modern epidemic and it’s stressing a lot of us ou.

While regular exercise is a proven antidote to work-induced stress, if you’re stretching your body too far or labouring through a lacklustre regime, it can backfire. So here are six ways to safeguard your workout against burnout.

1. Start slow
Popular psychology says it takes 21 days to form a new habit, so crashing and burning at day 10 won’t do anything to help a new routine stick.

2. Set small goals
Thinking small can be the secret success – especially when it comes to achieving your goals. So if your goal is to touch your toes, first aim for your ankles. Nothing kills motivation faster than disappointment.

3. Change it up
Believe it or not, boredom is burnout’s best friend. Barre makes it easy to keep things fresh with a workout every week.

4.Take a break
Every now and again skip your workout and sleep in, see a movie or even go on a full-blown holiday. Those in the know recommend one week-long break from exercise every three-to-six months.

5. Buddy up
Introducing a friend to your workout is a good way to re-ignite your passion for it, so first-timers are especially useful as their newfound  excitement is bound to be helping you too.

6. Schedule your workouts (and don’t forget recovery days!)
It pays to be organised in the fight against burnout. Be sure to vary the intensity of each workout. A rest day will rekindle your love for your workout.


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