A Perfect Storm

A Perfect Storm

We’re certainly in a surreal period in our lives aren’t we? Do you keep wondering when you’ll get some kind of a break? Are you hoping that your life may change soon? No matter how you feel currently, it’s ultimately a matter of perspective. And the good thing about perspective is that once you change it, reality often follows suit!

1: You have free will

It doesn’t matter if you have a horrible boss or romantic troubles or financial stress. You may think that you’re stuck with your reality and you may have bought into the notion that life has dealt you a poor hand – and that’s difficult to let go.

Truth of the matter is that we have the power to make any changes we want in our lives – it’s just a matter of learning how to stop bringing negativity into our lives.

We are all in charge of our own destiny.

2: You are in charge

Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing that can be done but rather than obsessing over limitations we need to work on your strengths and improve our skills. We need to tap into our inner power and learn to use it and, if required, start building a new reality.

3: You are powerful

It’s not always easy to snap our fingers and start feeling in charge… that’s not normally how it works in the real world and we often don’t realise the signals we’re sending out to the outside world.

Awareness is the key. We need to look into the causes behind the effects. If we feel like victims of our circumstances, we need to reflect on how that has happened in the first place.

Ask yourself ‘What exactly can I do to change things?’ What will it take for me to feel in charge of my life?” The results we get depend on the efforts we put in.

4: You are growing

We all work hard and none of us are perfect but don’t focus on mistakes, focus on doing your very best each and every day.

Take stock of mistakes and be able to forgive yourself for dropping the ball occasionally.

5: You can adapt

Since the beginning of time man has adapted. Vast civilizations have grown species have developed.

At an individual level, we can all learn how to adapt to whatever difficulties challenge us. We can change our lives, pick up a faster pace and put out fires.

Learn to pay attention to your instincts. Look around you for ways to not only overcome problems but seize opportunity.

6: Change is always around the corner

An unknown wise man once said: “the hours drag on slowly, the years fly by in the blink of an eye”.

Perspective (awareness of relativity) is the ultimate aim and it comes to those of us who learn to detach their identity from their memory. Memory is tied to localised circumstances. Identity is the inner foundation we build during a lifetime – memory is just a lens with which we observe ourselves.

When you learn to take a step back and look at your life in perspective, you will know that change is always around the corner. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse; you don’t have to do anything and change will come about: but once you commit to overcoming any inner angst and building a new reality, you will be pleased with the positive results that follow.

At Happy Being we are here to help you make changes and develop perspective – a hypnotherapy programme may be exactly the support you need (should you need it!)


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