Confused Over What to Eat?

Confused Over What to Eat?

We have access to so much more information than ever before in history, and yet some of us are more confused about what we should be eating, what is healthy and what’s not.

This is understandable as there is a wide diversity of opinions out there on what to eat: theories, experts, scientific studies and so on.

There are people telling us to eat paleo because it’s the way “our ancestors ate” and they were healthy. Then there is the alkaline diet, the keto diet. What do they all mean? Then there are those telling us that the plant-based diet is the way to go, in order to leave a better footprint; others tell us that carbs are the problem, or sugar is the problem, too much fruit isn’t good for you, that you should try fasting, or intermittent fasting, and the list goes on………sigh!

These diets may work wonderfully for some people, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet.  You may know someone who has transformed their life with a paleo diet. Someone else tried it and felt unwell or that it was unsustainable. You know someone who went vegan and now they’re feeling on top of the world, whereas someone else went vegan and became deficient in vitamin B12. And then there’s that ‘annoying’ person who can eat and drink whatever they like and still be lean and even appear relatively healthy.

What does this tell us? That everyone is different and there is no single solution or the perfect way to eat for everyone.

The aim is not to force yourself into an approach that is not sustainable for you because it promises ‘weight loss’ or ‘eternal health’. Whatever diet you choose to follow, it should feel good to you. We all have foods that we naturally lean towards. If a nutritional theory or diet intrigues you, give it a go. But do it with curiosity and willingness to explore, to learn something about yourself and what nourishes you.

What nutrition experts do agree on is that eating a variety of fresh foods that are high in plant-based foods, close to their natural state, is a good basic start. Fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, nuts and seeds are the cornerstone, and then lean meat, fish and dairy if these foods agree with you. Include foods that you like the taste of and that add more variety and enjoyment to your eating, without feeling the need to ban or obsess over any particular food or nutrient. Let go of the guilt for eating something decadent. Including some ‘fun’ food in your life is normal and practical, and not an offence!

Our acupuncturist Anu is also a qualified dietitian and has worked in the NHS as a clinical dietitian where she gained experience in various specialities. She has also worked as a research dietitian at the University of Edinburgh for six years. You can contact her on 07515431070 or at


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