Craniosacral Therapy Mouthwork

Craniosacral Therapy Mouthwork

Craniosacral Therapy has a specific set of techniques to gently work inside the mouth to release facial bones, the hard and soft palate, the muscular floor of the lower jaw and even individual teeth.

Why would anyone need this?

Many reasons! Our Craniosacral Therapist Amanda gives a great example today:

“Recently I had a classic example of a mouthwork candidate. One of my regular clients came in complaining of lower back and hip discomfort that had come on suddenly the previous week without any noticeable cause.

I began the treatment as usual with hands on feet to tune into the craniosacral rhythm and assess the body; thereafter I began to gently work with the pelvic diaphraghm (a transverse layer of connective tissue in the base of the pelvis. After only a few moments of listening to the tissues in that area I was drawn up to the left side of the maxilla, the bone to which the upper teeth and gums attach.

I asked the client if she had had any recent dental work to which she replied she was being fitted for an implant on the upper left. Bingo….

Moving further up the body to cranial base and temporo mandibular joint, I could feel a compression starting in the mouth which was transferring through the cranial base and down into the lower back and hip the end point of which was causing the discomfort.

Herein lies the benefit of mouthwork!

By working inside the mouth, and then with the other affected structures, a craniosacral therapist can release restrictions on bones and connective tissue allowing them to once again be free and mobile as they should be. Using these techniques I was able to greatly reduce my client’s back pain and recommended further treatment after the next stage of her dental work.

Aside from instances like this mouth work can also be indicated in cases of head or facial trauma to alleviate ongoing discomfort and symptoms. Also the mouth is a really emotional area, a lot of tension and stress can be held mouth and jaw (I personally find it one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever had!).

If you have any ongoing symptoms like neck pain, headaches and tmj pain you could be greatly helped by this type of work and craniosacral in general.”

If you have any questions as to whether CST might be for you don’t hesitate to get in touch! and 07976519557.


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