Induction Reflexology

Induction Reflexology

Reflexology, a therapy Chinese in origin, can have many far-reaching benefits from helping chronic illness, pain management, fertility, support during recovery all the way to managing everyday stress and wellbeing.

During the treatment pressure points and areas of the feet are worked with the aim of stimulating the bodies ability to heal and repair. I will be looking for ‘congestion’ over the reflexes taking the form of various textures on the points some of which might denote acute problems and some that point to more chronic ongoing issues, these points are then the focus of the session.

Reflexology is never more beneficial than during pregnancy, I’ve worked with what must be thousands of pregnant women by now and it never ceases to amaze me how different the experience is from woman to woman. Some ladies suffer early on with sickness and tiredness whilst others seem to save the discomfort for the final stages!

During the first trimester, treatment is gentle, relaxing and nourishing working on easing the body into the initial changes. During the second trimester, the focus is on working on existing symptoms while also keeping an eye on areas that tend to be problematic like digestion and fluid dynamics. During the third trimester, the focus is not only on continued maintenance of well being but also on birth preparation work with a steady ramping up of work on reproductive and endocrine balance to prepare for labour.

Finally comes induction work!

This is where treatment becomes very specific with extremely firm work over a much smaller set of points relating to all the hormone glands, reproductive system (to increase circulation to the uterus and stimulate uterine contraction), spinal reflexes relating to nerve roots for the pelvis and reproductive system along with some other specific meridian points relating to induction. During the session, the client is likely to experience strong sensations around the bump as the treatment progresses.

Treatment is ideally timed with two sessions close together around the 40-week mark.

While unfortunately, I can’t guarantee results treatment never fails to assist ladies through what can be the most trying stage of pregnancy!

If you would like more information about your specific needs or if you’re wondering if Reflexology might be right for you then don’t hesitate to get in touch on or 07976519557. I’m available at Happy Being Mondays and Wednesdays.

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