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Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology & Prenatal Therapies

I have a busy practice focusing on Cranio-Sacral, Reflexology and and Pre Natal Therapies, within a session I am often flexible with the techniques I employ to maximise benefit for the individual and give me greater scope in the ways I can address any problems.

I treat a wide range of clients many with specific concerns such as illness, injury, fertility and pregnancy but also people looking to take better care of themselves in general!

After all these years I am happy to say that I love my work just as much as ever, I get to witness the power of complementary and alternative health care every day.


I first qualified in Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology in 1999 as part of a 2 year HND course in Beauty and Holistic therapies and have been full time therapist and avid believer in natural health and wellness ever since!

I very quickly realised that my interest and talents lay much more on the holistic side of the therapy world and over 15 years later my training and experience has taken me all over the UK and abroad, always trying to broaden my knowledge and skills to better help my clients with their concerns.

I have expanded on my original studies with further bodywork training including deep tissue, thai massage and ayurvedic approaches. My holistic studies led me to train in three forms of Reiki, I am trained to Usui Reiki Master/Teacher level and I also completed the first two levels of Karuna and Jikiden Reiki.

I have completed NLP training to Advanced Master Practitioner level with the Society of NLP.

Last but not by any means least Cranio-Sacral Therapy training with the Upledger Institute.


I am listed on the FHT Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register, which has been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA), under its Accredited Voluntary Register (AVR) scheme.

Amanda works at Happy Being, 14 Alva St. on Mondays and Wednesdays and you can contact her on 07976 519 557 or e-mail her at


Massage (60 Minutes) £50
Massage (90 Minutes) £70
Reflexology (60 Minutes) £50
Cranio Sacral Therapy (60 Minutes) £50
Cranio Sacral Therapy (90 Minutes) £70
Reiki (60 Minutes) £50
Reiki (90 Minutes) £70
Pre-Natal Massage (60 Minutes) £50
Pre-Natal Reflexology (60 Minutes) £50


“I have been going to see Amanda for just under a year now. My first visit was for reflexology which had been recommended to me by a friend. Amanda picked up on things on my first appointment which made a lot of sense to me and during subsequent appointments I often felt that I had let go of significant amounts of tension that had been building up. Amanda also treated me through reiki which was especially helpful to me as I had an appointment just days after my mum died after a ten year illness and I kept the appointment and felt so well looked after by Amanda. Amanda always keeps appointments, is genuinely friendly and interested in how you are feeling. At the same time she is also professional and respectful and easily fosters a trusting relationship which I think is essential for continued appointments. She is also flexible and easily contacted through text, email or facebook. I would recommend Amanda to everyone and in fact did buy several vouchers as gifts as I wanted others to appreciate and experience the amazing healing hands of this lovely lady!”

Testimonial  Jude Durnan
Jude Durnan

“I came to Amanda via a recommendation from my Osteopath and initially I went for massage treatments. Amanda was however quick to observe that reflexology and reiki might prove to be more beneficial for me so she started to incorporate those therapies into our sessions. That ability to observe what is often an unstated need and then adjust the session to the individual is so important. Each session with Amanda is different because it is based on my needs at the time, she offers a highly personalised and holistic approach to health.”

Testimonial Joyce Dalgleish
Joyce Dalgleish

“I started seeing Amanda for reflexology treatments as research for a course project I was presenting on alternative therapies. 16 months of regular treatments with Amanda have had an amazingly positive effect on helping rebalance many aspects of my life and helping me deal with the many stresses in life that I didn’t always appreciate had a physical effect on me. The treatments have helped me become the relaxed, happy and confident person I used to be before stress had an impact on me both physically and emotionally. One of the other aims of my treatment was an irregular menstrual cycle (sometimes going on for 60 days or more) which I wanted to improve for general health and fertility purposes. The treatment brought my cycle down to a more manageable length and I am happy to say that I am now in the first trimester of pregnancy. I look forward to continuing sessions for pre-natal reasons.“

Testimonial Kerry Henderson
Kerry Henderson