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Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy

If you need a little bit of “me time”, some de-stressing or some help with pain then a massage with Belinda is exactly what you need. A qualified Swedish massage therapist since 2015, she has been performing massage informally for over 15 years before deciding to turn a passion into a career.

Over the years, Belinda has enjoyed helping others relax and assisting with their pain, tailoring a massage to an individual to take into account disabilities, conditions, phobias, anxiety, and preferences, compassionately and with an open mind.

With experience of receiving unpleasant and painful massage, Belinda excels at loosening knots gently and effectively.

Also key to Belinda’s philosophy is the understanding of the importance of touch for the mind, body and spirit.

If you would like to book a massage appointment with Belinda, please call 07389 181 522 or email her at


Prices £
30 minutes £25
45 minutes £35
60 minutes £40
90 minutes £75
Discounts available to NHS staff, students, OAP’s, teachers, and fire and police service personnel


“You can be confident that, in Belinda’s hands, muscle crimps, cramps and tensions will be made to relax and melt away. Relaxation continues with well-designed pampering.”

Testimonial Frances H
Frances H

“I have had back problems on and off for years. This time instead of letting it get worse I went for a half hour massage. Very friendly, clear and professional. It really helped and I highly recommend her.”

Testimonial Isaac B
Isaac B

“ I’ve been fortunate to have had several massages from Belinda. I work in front of a computer for long hours, and then come home and spend more time in front of one, and my shoulders had become stiff and painful, and I was getting weird pains in my neck. I always remembered to have some ibuprofen in the medical cabinet. A couple of sessions with Belinda and my shoulders were the loosest and most pain free that they’d been in years, she really knows what she’s doing! She’s friendly, as it’s good to be able to laugh when knotted and sore muscles are being worked on! I’d definitely recommend giving it a try.”

Testimonial Jamie P
Jamie P

“Lower calf massage made my leg feel so much better she has a way with her hands.”

Testimonial Hazel G
Hazel G