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Remedial Massage Therapist and Reflexologist

Kirsty is a passionate bodyworker that has always known she wanted a job and lifestyle that would bring positivity and wellness to others. After obtaining a degree in Psychology, Kirsty was unsure of the specific path she wanted to pursue and travelled parts of the world for just under three years. It was during this time that Kirsty found a passion for a holistic approach to health, both mental and physical, and realised the importance of movement and touch in wellbeing.

Kirsty has qualified with a Level 5 Diploma in Reflexology and Advanced Reflexology Techniques certificate, as well as achieving a Bodywork Beginnings Certificate and Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy certificate with the Jing School of Advanced Massage.

Massage Therapy with Kirsty will include a variety of techniques that combine both Eastern and Western approaches including; deep tissue, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release, stretching, myofascial release and, of course, relaxation. The first treatment will include a 10-15-minute consultation to allow Kirsty to create an appropriate and tailored treatment for the individual.

A Reflexology treatment will also include a consultation, followed by a tailored treatment for the individual.

Kirsty works with a range of conditions relating to pain, imbalance and stress. If you’d like to get in contact to find out more or have chat about the appropriate treatment, please do not hesitate to call 07379337776 or email


Reflexology £
60 minutes £40
30 minutes £25
Massage £
90 minutes £70
60 minutes £45
30 minutes £30

I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain, that is until I visited Kirsty and her magic fingers! Thanks to her in-depth knowledge and effective techniques she soon had me as right as rain. She clearly has passion for what she does, is highly professional but at the same time makes you feel relaxed and at ease. I recommend her 100%!

Testimonial Emily

I had been suffering with chronic pain in my lower back and hips for years, but with Kirsty’s help I am now able to run and swim pain free! I found her positivity, technique and knowledge inspiring and effective and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Kirsty!

Testimonial Emily

I had first started to see Kirsty for Reflexology after a family bereavement. The work she did made my nights sleep tenfold better. When she qualified in Massage, I had no doubts she would work the same magic. All the stress I hold in my shoulders just melts away. She always explains to me the work she’s done on me and how I can help to prevent the tension settle back in and exercises I can do myself. I would 100% recommend Kirsty for all round wholesome goodness. If you need anymore, just let me know.

Testimonial Bryony