Sciatica: a pain in the bottom!

Sciatica: a pain in the bottom!

If you have ever suffered from sciatica (a pain caused by irritation and compression of the sciatic nerve) you will know it is a very uncomfortable feeling. At worst the pain can run through your lower back, pelvis, buttocks and all the way down your legs to your feet.

This pain may manifest as tingling and numbness often worse when sitting for a long period of time, and can last for weeks if not months. The good news is that 90% of sciatica is due to muscle tension and muscle imbalance in the lower back, hip and pelvis, and can be helped greatly by advanced remedial massage.

Please note getting your GP’s assessment, diagnosis and advice first is necessary before massage treatment can begin.

By realigning the pelvis and hip and working into the lower back muscles, buttocks and legs through various advanced remedial massage techniques, the trapped sciatic nerve can be released with astonishing results. The nerve will then run freely beneath and in between the muscles resulting in a body which is pain free and has grater mobility.

Sciatica can be prevented from reoccurring by taking regular weekly exercise such as Pilates where strengthening and stretching various muscle groups around the lower back, hip and pelvis come into play. Your body will love it! Pilates also works on your core muscles and helps you adopt a better posture.


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