Therapy skills for Cancer Care

Therapy skills for Cancer Care

Qualified practitioners with an interest in offering treatments within a clinical oncology setting, often seek additional training as within an education setting, students are advised that cancer is a contraindication to many treatments, and as a result, those with cancer are often denied treatment.

There are a few different organisations offering specialised training which provides therapists with an improved knowledge and understanding of what a cancer patient needs, in order to be able to offer safe, effective treatments in the community.

Some of the key skills needed for a therapist working within an oncology setting are:

  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication – The ability to communicate with patients struggling to accept their diagnosis, to offer empathy and support patients in a heightened state of emotional stress, to liaise with and provide a supportive service alongside medical professionals and to deal sensitively with patients, families and carers.
  • Knowledge, training and experience – To create bespoke treatment programmes for patients based on their particular diagnosis and to fully understand professional accountability for all work.
  • Analytical and judgemental skills – To plan, deliver and evaluate treatments for all patients, to conduct risk assessments, to alter/tailor treatments plan’s accordingly.
  • Planning and organisational skills – To prioritise referrals and ensure the treatment plan is in line with the needs of the individual.
  • Responsibility to the client and patient care – Conduct a holistic assessment of the patient’s physical and emotional needs and tailor treatment plan to these.

Some organisations (but not all!) who provide training in massage for those living with cancer are – The Iris Cancer Partnership, Foundations in Complementary Therapies in Cancer Care, The Jennifer Young Training School.

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