Ayurvedic Massage

What is Ayurvedic Massage?

*Ayurveda* is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) which was developed thousands of years ago by the sages of India. It is a holistic health system created to support people to stay vibrant and healthy with the emphasis very much being that prevention is better than the cure. Nowadays, however, Ayurveda is becoming more and more widespread as people are becoming more aware of the health benefits.

This massage therapy is offered as a whole body massage (or ‘Abhyanga as it’s called), but it can also focus on a particular part of the body as follows: Ayurvedic Back Massage, Indian Head Massage, Ayurvedic Face Massage, Ayurvedic Foot and Leg Massage, Ayurvedic Arm and Hand Massage. We also offer Ayurvedic Pregnancy Massage treatments.

Ayurvedic Massage Therapies are tailored to specifically meet the individual needs of the client. This is done in many ways from the type of oils used, to the specific massage strokes themselves and these are chosen by first determining the person’s Ayurvedic mind/body type or ‘dosha’ as it’s otherwise known. An initial consultation is therefore carried out and the therapist is then able to adapt the treatment accordingly.

These treatments involve the generous application of warm herb-infused oil through rhythmical massage strokes designed to promote relaxation, soothe tension and harmonise the systems of the body to help bring about balance and overall well-being.

Many of our clients have experienced the following benefits from this treatment:

  • Nourished skin and a decrease in the effects of aging
  • Improved muscle tone and a lubrication of the joints
  • An increase in circulation that in turn stimulates the internal organs of the body
  • Assisted elimination of impurities from the body, aiding in detoxification
  • Calming of the nervous system
  • Improved quality of sleep after their treatement

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of oils are used?

The oil infused most frequently for this treatment is a ‘Tridoshic’ Formula’ which aims to harmonise and stabilise all three Doshas (body types): Vata (air & space), Pitta (fire & water) and Kapha (water & earth). However we do also select specific oil formulas for each person’s predominant mind/body type (or dosha as it’s called). The oils are made from pure cold-pressed sesame oil and are infused with gentle, yet effective, herbs that have a lovely ‘earthy’ scent. As we absorb whatever we put on our skin deep into the body, the oils we use are natural and made to a very high quality.

For pregnancy, either sesame seed oil or coconut alone is used or we can use a non-Ayurvedic specific blend for Pregnancy.

Why is so much oil used in Ayurvedic Massage?

Applying oil to our skin is very beneficial. Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed right into the body and therefore as the oils have their own therapeutic properties, they help harmonise the systems of the entire body. The Sanskrit word ‘Sneha’ can be translated as both “oil” and “love.” Whatever oil is not absorbed through the skin is removed at the end of your treatment with warm towels.

Is this a ‘deep’ or ‘strong’ massage?

Ayurvedic Massage is designed to work on energy points (or ‘Marma’ points) in the body, encouraging the release of any blockages to the flow of energy. The pressure used is again tailored to suit the client’s needs and their body type, however this is not a deep tissue or ‘strong’ massage’. It is highly soothing and many find it helps ease both mental and physical tension.

Introductory Offer

Frankie is offering for all new clients at Happy Being £10 off your initial session.

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