Craniosacral Therapy

What Is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a hands on holistic treatment for the whole body and mind that works with the craniosacral system. The system is comprised of meningeal membranes and cerebrospinal fluid which surround and supports the brain and spinal cord. The natural rise and fall of the fluid pressure creates a subtle rhythm that can be palpated anywhere on the body via the fascial connective tissue that creates a continuous and protective sheath for the majority of the organs and structures in the body.

Ideally the fascia and structures are well aligned however when illness, injury or stress occurs this can affect the connective tissues and create restrictions and imbalances.

CST uses mostly gentle non invasive techniques to locate and ease these restricted areas thereby helping the body to reset and release chronic aches and ailments while alleviating the stress that is so often behind them!

Although the techniques used are subtle, effects can be felt in a very powerful way as the body is encouraged and supported to self correct and find balance. Your body knows exactly how to unwind and return to health but sometimes needs help in doing it!

My clients have seen significant improvement with physical discomfort and illness, stress and stress disorders, many of them have changed over from massage and other therapies because they see such wide ranging benefit. If you have any specific questions about whether or not treatment is right for you please get in touch.

The Treatment

The treatment is performed on a massage couch with the client fully clothed throughout (unless combining with massage).

It is not possible to describe exactly how a CST session will be experienced as it always varies depending on the individual concerns however common things to notice are sensation of softening of areas of tension, involuntary movement within the body, changes in temperature and emotional release that could range anywhere from tears to uncontrollable laughter!

However anything that is felt during a session are the purely the body trying to let go of whatever is might be holding on to whether physical, mental or emotional.

Although CST is body treatment it may occasionally involve the use of therapeutic dialogue and imagery as where appropriate this can help the client focus on and assist the change that the treatment is helping to make.

My CST training is through the Upledger Institute UK.


Amanda Burnett

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