Online Pilates

Online Pilates Classes in Edinburgh

We offer small intimate Online Pilates classes in the comfort of your own home or office which are suitable for all.

Online Mat Pilates

Online Pilates is a terrific way to take part in a regular Pilates class in the comfort of your own home or office. Instead of rushing to get to class on a cold, wet day why not relax and set up your mat in a quiet, comfortable space at lunchtime in the office or afterwork at home. The 1hr classes only have up to 8 people in them so I can see you performing the moves clearly on screen and can instruct and correct you easily. Pilates is a great way to release, strengthen and energise the body and mind. With being online it is a wonderful way to fit Pilates into your day effortlessly.

Online Classes

Pilates Classes are available on Mondays and Wednesdays lunchtimes and evenings 12pm/1pm/5pm/6pm.

Pilates Spring Term

8 weeks
£80 1hr classes

Option to come to 2 classes per week at no extra charge, so you can double-up on your weekly exercise should you wish! £5 per class 🙂
Monday 1/06/20 – Monday 20/07/20
Wednesday 3/06/20 – Wednesday 22/07/2
Free 1:2:1 introductory 1hr session (consultation, preliminary postural assessment, class) prior to joining the classes.


What Do I Need to Take Part?
Ideally, a yoga mat to lie on and yoga block for your head but at the beginning, a bath towel will do and a stack of magazines for your head.  A device, computer or tablet to join in (phone screens are too small for for me to see you).  A warm, quiet space in your home or office is best to go to for the class.  Make sure you have enough room to lie flat comfortably and stretch your arms out behind you and legs out in front of you.  Also, have space to circle your arms around you on the floor.  If you wear gym wear/ loose clothing to move around in and wear socks.

There is an initial 1:2:1 (1hr) consultation, assessment and class. Firstly I take details of any health issues, overworked, sore muscles and past injuries that may have been troubling you. A postural assessment is made and then we do a 1:2:1 class together so you can practice some basic moves and get a feel for the way the classes are taught before starting the term.

During each lesson, the exercises can be adapted to fit with your specific requirements at that time. Every week there is a different class plan and exercises are varied to help the whole body.

Join Together
You may work for a company with others and would like to do a class together online or have friends or family members that you would like to meet in a group to do a class. Its fun to get together and connect. Please get in touch and we can organise something that suits you all.
If you are interested in online Pilates contact


Jane Haddow

Online Pilates Teacher

Edinburgh based massage therapist, Jane Haddow qualified from the London School of Sports Massage in 2004 and has built up over the years a successful and busy practice in the heart of the West End. In 2009 Jane qualified with a certificate in Mat Pilates, Teaching Level 3 CYQ (Central YMCA Qualifications) and teaches small, friendly classes from beginners to advanced and many of her class members have been coming along to for more than five years.