Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates & Clinical Yoga

Clinical Pilates/Clinical Yoga

What is Clinical Pilates/Clincal Yoga?

Clinical Pilates and Yoga is a class designed to help all abilities with their movement and wellbeing needs. It is based on APPI Clinical Pilates and Physiotherapy Yoga moves, which have been selected to allow dissociation of movement and control, allowing you to move move freely by increasing your flexibility and strength. Each exercise has increasing difficulties, which we will look to progress each class on to. Classes are small (5max) and taught by a qualified Physiotherapist, meaning that you can attend with just about any injury or worry and be assured you are in safe hands.

Who can join?

This is a great class for anyone with recurrent niggles or chronic pain. The instructing Physiotherapist will be on hand at all times to pick up on any weakness and adapt an exercise for you. The classes are currently split into Beginner and Intermediate to allow appropriate class design.

What are the effects?

Attending regular classes can help to strengthen and improve control and flexibility allowing you to help to prevent injury, reduce pain and reduce fall risk, as well as helping you to understand your body and focus your mind. Any exercise also has the additional benefit of increasing endorphins and helping to relaxing the mind.

Karen Ritchie, our physiotherapist, will also focus on your holistic needs and on making your class a relaxed and happy environment.


‘The class feels really bespoke, like a consultation. Karen will modify, describe or reposition you when necessary. You just don’t get that in a big class. Each session I learn the way I need to move or the positions I over stress my muscles which also helps with day-to-day life.’


What is Physiotherapy?

A physiotherapist helps restore movement capabilities and reduce pain when someone is restricted by injury, illness, weakness or disability. Our physiotherapist, Karen Ritchie, uses techniques such as movement and exercise, manual therapy and education and advice. If you have pain or are worried about your function decreasing, our physiotherapist will assess your condition and needs and start a management plan to help you manage your condition. All of the modalities used are evidence based and holistic and one of the main focuses is to give you the tools and empower you to take charge of your condition.

Physiotherapists are also 1st line practitioners so will screen you for any underlying pathology, we may need to refer you on if there are any red flags.

What can I treat?

  • Chronic pain including neck and Low back pain
  • Acute injuries including sports/running Injuries
  • Long term pathologies including arthritis
  • Nerve pain
  • Pre and rehabilitation before/after surgery


Karen Ritchie


Karen Ritchie Physiotherapist joins the ‘Happy Being’ team in September to teach Clinical Pilates and Yoga classes for small groups.