Swedish Massage & Aromatherapy

Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy Massage

swedish massage and aromatherapy massage

About Swedish Massage & Aromatherapy

Swedish massage is a treatment which relaxes the muscles and the mental state, and which stimulates and balances all body systems. Swedish massage and aromatherapy massage are the same except that you use specific oils to help treat various ailments in aromatherapy massage,

The benefits of Swedish massage may include easing of muscular tension, relaxation, reduced anxiety, better stress management, improved sleep and greater vitality.

Both of our therapists offering these forms of massage have trained in various forms of bodywork allowing them to draw on different techniques to address client concerns.

The types of clients that seek Swedish massage therapy and aromatherapy massage therapy are varied and range from desk workers that need to address issues created by poor posture and inactivity to new mums looking to ease the back neck and shoulder aches common to post birth recovery and nursing.

Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy Treatment

The treatment takes place on a massage couch where you’ll be undressed but covered with towels. Following a consultation to establish your needs a treatment plan will be decided upon to address individual concerns.

The effects of the treatment can be felt immediately in terms of relaxation and stress reduction however please be aware that depending on the nature of the issue several treatment or regular treatment may be needed to resolve discomfort and maintain effects.

The treatment may be and hour or 90 minutes in length.


Belinda Bacon


A qualified Swedish massage therapist since 2015, she has been performing massage informally for over 15 years before deciding to turn a passion into a career.

Amanda Burnett

Complementary Therapies

After all these years I am happy to say that I love my work just as much as ever, I get to witness the power of complementary and alternative health care every day.

Frankie Culpin


Frankie offers wide range of massage therapies including Deep Tissue Massage, Clinical Aromatherapy Massage and Pregnancy Massage.